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Here you can find all test reports that we have published about the dating websites of the company D Support BV.

Are you interested in online dating and would you like to know if your choice of dating site is secure? Or is it a rip-off? This is where DatingSpot24.net comes in because we can help and advise you. We at DatingSpot24.net have made it our business to thoroughly check dating websites for Australia. We also do the research to advise you of the best choices as well as the sites to avoid.

What we do

We log on to the respective dating websites and check the contact data and the terms of use plus the business conditions. We check to see if it could be a subscription trap or whether moderators or controllers are also used, and whether the site is operating a scam. If there is anything fishy going on, we can find it!

We create a detailed report about the dating portal. Then we advise you if you can use the portal without worry, or if it is better for you to avoid it.

Test reports on dating websites on DatingSpot24.net

With the test reports from DatingSpot24.net you can be sure that you are always on the safe side. Moreover, if the dating portal you have selected is not yet in our database, do not worry. You can also send us a message at any time. Just send us the domain name from the dating website. We will then create a review for you as soon as possible.

What we can find out

Online dating is a big market and many providers have several websites. But most of the time these are subscription traps. Also, moderators do use the name of a fake profile to write to you. It is all about persuading you to become a paid member, and to empty your wallet. At the same time, a meeting with a real person will never happen in reality via these dating websites.

In our detailed review you can now read about the operating company D Support BV. Whether or not they are trustworthy and also which other dating sites they operate.

FlirtHub.net review

2023-09-02T18:42:35+10:0018. Sep 2020|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , , |

FlirtHub.net is the place to be for fun, chats, flirting and more, is the slogan which the online dating portal greets visitors with. A charming blonde woman with puckered lips in front of a pink background, and the promise that the free sign up needs less than a minute tries to encourage new users.

Zhadoo.com review

2023-09-01T14:20:08+10:0018. Sep 2020|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , , |

The first impression of the online dating portal Zhadoo.com is excellent, and the visitor has the feeling of a legit website. The classy design and the good testimonies on the starting page give the impression of having found the right place for meeting the perfect date.

ChemistryCupid.com review

2023-09-01T19:06:02+10:0005. Sep 2020|Categories: Reviews|Tags: , , , , , |

The visitor to ChemistryCupid.com will be greeted by a gorgeous woman with a great smile. The landing page makes a clean impression and advertises a free sign up with no obligations. We start the first investigation to find out who is managing the online dating portal. It is D Support B.V. from the Netherlands who operate this website.

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