Ashley Madison


  • World’s largest portal for affairs and casual dates
  • More than 60 Million registered members worldwide
  • Available in more than 50 different countries
  • Discreet and safe place for dates
  • Very open-minded members
  • Perfect for people in a relationship that are looking for adventure
  • Exciting features for travellers
  • Perfect alternative for dating on the run with an app
  • Heterosexual female members use the website for free
  • Costs originate by credits
  • Singles, married people and couples can register here

“Life is short – Have an affair” That is the slogan of the casual dating website. It sounds promising and charming and the good thing is that this portal keeps its promises. Ashley Madison is one of the very best alternatives to find an affair or a simple casual date. This website convinces with a large but also very open-minded members pool. A big percentage of the Ashley Madison members are in a relationship or even married. But of course it is not just the only reason why this website is our test winner. It has so much to discover and makes it so easy couples, married people and singles to find a match. The website is operated by the company Ruby Life Inc. that is located in Toronto, Canada.

General details

Ashley Madison really is one of a kind. It offers a great service and brings a very open-minded community. In Australia this portal gets more and more popular. The people that are registered here are looking for a simple date, a one time or a long-term affair.

It was originally formed back in 2001. That is now nearly twenty years ago. In this time the website received some critics and complaints because of its purpose. But in the end this website just grew bigger and bigger. Now, it is one of the most visited websites in the world for people that are looking for excitement. For most of the people that are looking for a casual date, it might the best choice you can make.

Ashley Madison makes it really easy

Of course, this portal has a solid working data protection. Some users of Ashley Madison do stuff that their partner should never find out. So, the use of the portal has to be very secure. Still, the handling of the website is very simple thanks to its great overview. Those reasons made it just perfect for people that are stuck in a commitment but are still seeking to have some adventure. Ashley Madison makes it really easy to arrange and then realize a discreet extramarital relationship with someone new. The casual dating website offers various ways to get in touch with another user plus its member’s pool is stuffed with people all over the world that are very open-minded.

Ashley Madison is a special casual dating platform and allows every gender and every sexual preference to register and to look for that. Even better, it is possible to register as a couple. Monogamy is out-dated, on Ashley Madison even married people are looking to have fun with one, two or even more people. Up until now, the purpose of the portal is still to create a secure environment for its users where everyone can satisfy their inner desires. Affairs are encouraged and not denied.

The registration

  • Registration is for free for everyone
  • Done in a few minutes
  • Very quick and simple registration process
  • After that, members that look for a woman will get charged
  • Status of the relationship has to be specified

AshleyMadison - Sign upThe registration process on Ashley Madison is simple and done in a few glimpses. You will not have to provide a lot of personal information. To register you will have to clarify your current status of relationship, a user name and a password. More needed data you will have to provide is your location with a post code, your age and e-mail address. You must enter a valid e-mail address. After the registration you will need to verify this e-mail address to purchase credits. Those credits will be needed to send messages.

Ashley Madison will not ask for a lot of personal details as the members here are looking for a secret affair. Your current relationship status will be reflected on your profile. So, other members will see if you are married, in a relationship or single. But you won’t enter enough details to get spotted. So, even if you are looking for an affair, you can be relaxed.

After the registration you will have to edit more details. This information is needed to find the right match for you which is close to your location. You have to describe what kind of date you are looking for, for example. Are you looking for an affair, do you prefer a one time or long term affair.

Casual Dating with Ashley Madison

A few steps you can skip but always remember the more data you will provide, the better your chances. On Ashley Madison you will not enter enough details that someone will recognize you. Even the profile pictures will be blurred or edited with a mask. But some details are just necessary that others will notice you and get in contact with you.

Ashley Madison might be the best casual dating website. The online dating website wants to make casual dating an easy thing and this focus has not changed since the beginning. Like on every other dating website all starts with the registration and already here we can see that Ashley Madison makes it easy and smooth. After that is done, you will provide a few more details in your profile settings. There you can also make very specific arrangements for your privacy and data protection.

How to edit you profile settings

– Features to maintain your discretion
– A user profile is not very detailed
– It is free to visit and view profiles of others
– Ashley Madison offers features to maintain the discretion of your person
– You can upload discreet photos and share them individually with another user
– A lot of users do not edit a lot of information even though it is recommended for better matches

After the registration you can visit the member’s area to see your potential matches and check your own profile. It is recommended to spend a little bit of your time to edit some more information about you and to arrange your profile settings.

You will have full control of your private data on Ashley Madison. Here you can set up all personal details individually. So, you can share your personal information and pictures to just one single person or make all data public so that every member can see your profile plus all images completely.

Keeping a long story short

The user profiles on Ashley Madison are not very extensive. They will only show the very basic information, for example your location, gender and age. Of course you can add some more details about you and your personal preferences like what you’re looking for and what body type excites you. These details will appear on your profile. That makes it possible for others to find out, if you could be a match.

It will happen that most of the time a female member will start a chat. But only if you edit enough information on your profile or upload a charming profile picture. In contrast to other dating websites you won’t find a match by checking their hobbies or lifestyle. That would be too much information and would increase the risk of getting spotted. Plus, most of the people on Ashley Madison are looking for a one-time affair and will not pay too much attention to such things like what you do for a living. Here you will spot a potential partner by the sexual interests and desires.

Security and privacy

Ashley Madison is a casual dating platform for singles and married people. But of course, especially a married person doesn’t want to be spotted while cheating. To maintain your privacy, Ashley Madison has found a good middle ground that members can show their profile pictures and not get recognized.

The website offers you the chance to conceal your photos in different ways. You can display your profile picture only blurred or by adding an effect to your profile picture. One often selected effect is a mask. But Ashley Madison also offers different kind of animated sunglasses or a simple black bar to cover the eyes. Moreover, you can arrange your profile settings regarding to your own preferences about privacy.

You can hide profile completely or make it visible everyone that is online. Moreover, you can make it visible to a selection of members. Additionally, you can set your profile offline and share your pictures with all members or with no one. If you choose that no one can see your images, you have the best privacy but less chance to get spotted by a match. One great thing on Ashley Madison is that you can give a certain member access to your photos individual.

The same thing is with your personal information in your profile. You can provide a lot of details about yourself, but you don’t have to. If you share a lot of information, you can choose specifically how much you want to share with the Ashley Madison members. You can hide all information and only share them with some members individually.

The member’s pool

  • Ashley Madison has a huge member’s pool
  • 60 Million active users
  • Members from all over the world
  • Fast rising number of members in Australia
  • Open minded-community

Ashley Madison is now one of the most popular dating websites in general. For casual dates it even might be the best choice thanks to its huge and open-minded member´s pool. Usually it does not matter where you live thanks to its availability all over the world. This portal counts more than 60 million registered people summed up. So, there is always a great match close to you.

AshleyMadison - Member area

Originally from Canada the website spread all over the world. Over the years the number of members on Ashley Madison has grown a lot. The majority of the websites traffic comes from the USA, Canada and Europe. But the numbers of members in Australia are rising very fast and already now, it is the most used casual dating portal over here. Accurate numbers about how much people are using the portal and from which location are not available. That is attributed to its member´s data protection.

Charming and open-minded community

Ashley Madison is well-known as a dating website to find an affair. The members can find any kind of date. The users of the casual dating website are single, committed to someone or even married. In a nutshell, the member’s pool of Ashley Madison is very diverse. But they all have one thing in common. They are simply looking for a casual date.

As the biggest part of the members are stuck in a relationship, that means most of Ashley Madison members are middle-aged and above. Still, regard to the information we got there are a lot of people in their twenties as well. The exact average age of the Ashley Madison members is not known. It is the same with the very exact number of active members which is not named by the provider. More, the operator Ruby Life Inc. also does not provide the gender-ratio.

It seems like it is very balanced as men do not complain about too few chances of a date. Also women do not complain about getting spammed by men, because of a too less female users. Probably it is the thing that heterosexual women use the website for free, that guarantees the balanced gender-ratio.

Design and operation

  • Modern and great appearing design
  • Only a few simple but very helpful functions
  • Easy to handle

The design of the casual dating website Ashley Madison is modern. The performance and the handling are quite simple. The portal does not provide a lot of features or complicated functions. That would not make a lot of sense for a causal dating website where people are just looking to get in touch directly to arrange a date.

So the website is in general very easy to understand. After a few minutes you will know where to find the settings, the chatroom and so on. It is also very easy to set up your profile and to upload your images. To edit the profile pictures in a way that you will not be recognized is easy as pie.

The operation is quite simple because it has a great overview. The design of the interface is mostly in a white background color. The letters are in a black color which makes the words easy to read. Some spots are highlighted with a pink color.

Ashley Madison shows two highlighted pink spots. One is on the left and the other one is on the right side. Both are on the top of the portal. If you click on the right bottom your search options will open, so you can specify your search filter. If you click on the left pink bottom the section with profile settings, favorites list will open. There you will also find help and the customer support in you’re your have questions in your mind. This way the website offers a wide range of the basic functions of a dating website but still has a good overview as you can open and close different sections of the portal separately.

Dating on the run

Ashley Madison is a modern platform. Of course, it is also available for mobile devices. You can either open the dating portal on your phone with the mobile or download the app. The design, the operation and the overview are on the mobile version and on the app good. But the operation on the app is a bit better than the mobile version as the functions of Ashley Madison are implemented in a very comfortable way. The Ashley Madison app is available for iOS and Android devices.

An app is usually made to stay up-to-date on the run. Ashley Madison has one more thing for that which is especially great while traveling. The feature called “traveling man” is a very useful function for members that travel a lot. With this function you will send automated messages to at most 30 girls who live in that area where you will go. This way it is possible to arrange a casual date in a new city before you even arrived there.

Get in touch with others on Ashley Madison

There are a few different ways to get in touch with a match on Ashley Madison. The easiest and most successful way to get in contact is by sending a private message. Ashley Madison offers two different kinds of messages. A normal message and a priority message are the alternatives. The priority message will always appear on the very top in the post box of your chat partner.

If you don’t want to chat, there are other ways. You can send a wink to another member and if you get a wink back you might get started. It is for free to send a wink, a heart or an eye-twinkling smiley. Besides that you can edit every member to your favorites. The member you edited to your favorites list will get a notification about that and notice you. There is a good chance that this member will get in touch with you then.

They say that love is the key. Ashley Madison offers that key to every member. You can send another member the key to your private photos of your profile. Usually those pictures are not visible for others, but you can give a certain member the access to it or ask for access to their private images. This way you can get in touch with someone without any written word. This makes the first contact exiting and more tempting.

Costs and prices on Ashley Madison

– Costs originate by credits
– Credits are needed to send messages
– Heterosexual female users use the website totally for free
– Homosexual women are charged like heterosexual men

Ashley Madison does not charge money for the registration. Plus the website offers a number of alternatives to get in touch with another member without sending a message.

AshleyMadison - Costs

But if you want to send a virtual gift or a message you will have to pay. Women will not get charged while using the website. But only if you are a woman and you are looking for a date with a male member. In this case, you can use every function for free for a life-time. Male members and homosexual female users have to buy credits to send messages.

Ashley Madison offers three different packages of credits:

  • 100 credits cost $68.00 One credit costs $0.68
  • 500 credits cost $199.00 One credit costs $0.40
  • 1000 credits $316.00 One credit costs $0.32

Additionally, a new member gets charged $24.00 for unlimited access for the mobile app. Except for heterosexual female users again, who won’t have to pay for the access. Besides the costs for sending messages or the app, there is one more optional cost.

The feature “Priority Man” will boost your profile to stand out from the others. Thanks to that feature your profile will be shown on the very top of the search results of other members. For $29.70 per month your profile appears highlighted in search results in your area for 30 days. That feature you can pay per day or per month. If you pay per month it is a kind of subscription and will renew automatically.

Our conclusion on Ashley Madison

The casual dating portal Ashley Madison is one of a kind. After nearly 20 years of successful history it has a huge member´s pool that counts more than 60 million people worldwide. In Australia the number of active users is rising fast and permanently. So, if you are looking for a secret affair or simply a casual date with exciting people in your region, this portal will offer you the best chance. Besides the open-minded community and its huge number of members, this platform can convince with a trustworthy operator and great data protection.