“Find the one who’s right for you”. The dating website Be2 wants to make online dating easy. To truly achieve that, the website lets you fill out a personality test. Based on your personal details and preferences, the portal will find your dream partner out of more than 30 million registered members worldwide and more than 50,000 users in Australia.


  • More than 30 million registered members from 38 countries and six continents
  • 24,000 new members every day
  • More than 50,000 registered members in Australia
  • Good balanced gender ratio: 57% female and 43% male members
  • Members from all regions and social strata
  • Very good matchmaking results thanks to a scientifically based personality test
  • A high success rate, 41% singles found their partner here on Be2
  • The platform allows anonymous online dating
  • The operator is very reliable and the website is secure
  • Thanks to a manual check there are no fake profiles

For more than 15 years Be2 has been online, and helps people all around the world to find their right partner. Founded in the year 2004 by a German company, the website is currently one of the most successful and highly regarded dating platforms worldwide.

Nowadays, the website of the operator Be2 S.à.r.l. has expanded into 38 different countries and six continents. Be2 can advertise with one of the best success rates in the online dating business, which is the result of a smart algorithm that will find you a great match. In the following review you will find out if this dating website is the right choice for you.

General information

The online dating website Be2 is one of the most highly regarded singles dating platforms and matchmaking services. Currently, the website counts more than 30 million registered members worldwide and more than 50,000 users are from ‘down under’. The dating portal has members from 38 different countries and six continents.

The member structure is one reason for the very good success rate of Be2. Every day more than 24,000 people register on the dating website to find their true love. The gender-ratio is very balanced with 57% female and 43% male members.

Another reason for the convincing success rate of Be2 is the scientific personality test that every new member has to fill out during the registration. A modern algorithm will find potential matches for you, based on your preferences, plus psychological and sociological data that you and all other members will provide.

The headquarters of the dating agency is based in Luxembourg. The operator Be2 S.à.r.l. has ten office locations and several hundred employees. This team ensures the smooth handling of the website and is the helping hand, if any problem appears. As the operator has offices all around the world the customer service can be addressed in various languages.

The registration on Be2

  • The registration includes a scientific personality test
  • Matchmaking on Be2 is based on the test and its results
  • You should take your time for the test so your matches will be more accurate
  • The registration and the personality test are free of charge
  • After the registration a new user will receive a free basic-membership

Be2 - RegisterThe registration on the dating portal is free. During the registration you will have to answer a number of personal questions. It is recommended that you take the time that is necessary to complete the registration and to not complete it in a hurry. The registration includes the psychological test which takes about 10 to 20 minutes.

All of the questions in the test are multiple-choice, so it is not necessary to type in all of your answers.  Most of the questions are answered by choosing either, if you want or like something, or if you don’t want or dislike something.

The questionnaire is about your character, personal preferences and your perception of different things. Based on your answers, the algorithm will find your ideal match later in the members’ pool. After the scientifically based questionnaire, the registration process comes to an end when you provide general details and your personal information.

During this step you will have to enter your name, age, region, profession, education and your income as well. More details are included about your religion, social habits like drinking or smoking, and some details about your personality and appearance.

It is possible to edit the information you provide in the last step. The information in the personality test cannot be changed later in your profile. You will have to make a request for a chance to edit something. That is the reason why you should take your time for the registration and its scientific personality test.

The design and operation

  • The design of the website is appealing
  • Be2 offers a desktop version, a mobile version and an app
  • The handling is very easy on all kinds of devices
  • The website has got a good overview

The design of Be2 is modern in appearance on the one hand, and on the other hand the design is simple. So, people who are experienced with social media or dating platforms won’t be bored with the functions, features and handling. New users who take their first steps in online dating won’t be overwhelmed.

The main colours used are white as the background colour, and black characters. Some sections or special features are displayed in a pink or green colour. That makes the navigation through the platform easy and guarantees a good overview.

Be2 offers the basic functions to find new people in your area and to get to know them. Special complicated features that are hard to use are not a part of this dating portal. It has no clutter and only has three primary tabs on the main menu. Contacts, mailbox, and who is online, are actually all you need to get started on Be2. The sections are represented by icons that will show a red bubble as a notification, if you have a new match or new unread messages.

Dating on the run – the mobile version of Be2

The app is well-designed and comes in the same colours as the desktop version. Its main colours are white, grey and black, plus discreetly used contrasts in red and pink, making the navigation easy even on a small screen. Be2 as an app is available to download for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

The Be2 app offers the same features and makes it possible to search for your right match, and to chat with a potential partner, wherever you are. Its general design is similar to the desktop version but of course as the display is smaller on a mobile phone, you have to scroll up or down to see and apply all of its functions.

How to set up your profile

  • Extensive profile information
  • Images in the profile can be uploaded and can be hidden individually
  • You can request more information from other members
  • Upload up to five profile pictures

Be2 is a dating website, where people want to get to know each other. Of course, only if their interests and preferences will match. One way to make this process much easier is to provide as much information in your profile about yourself, and your personality as possible. This way it is possible that another member will visit your profile, recognize you as a match and will get in touch with you.

Be2 - Profile

Just think about what you would prefer, who would you like to contact? An empty profile, or a nicely designed profile with some great looking profile pictures? The answer is clearly the one profile with the most details. Be2 makes it easy to provide all the required information to find out if two members are a potential match.

Profiles of Be2 can show a lot of information about the personality and interests of a member. In the sections “My Profile”, “Search Criteria” and “Settings” you will find all the settings needed to set up your profile as you want to. There, you can let other visitors know about your interests and topics, your views and values.

In the section “Profile picture” you can upload up to five different images of yourself. As all pictures need to be approved, it is not possible to upload any kind of sexual content, or images that show violence. It is recommended that you upload at least one good image, as only three percent of all members of Be2 will respond to a profile that has no profile picture.

The members pool on Be2

  • A large and international members pool
  • More than 30 million registered users worldwide
  • Members from 38 countries and six continents
  • 24,000 new registrations on a daily basis
  • More than 50,000 registered members in Australia
  • A balanced gender ratio, 57% female and 43% male members

The members of Be2 come from all over the world. That also means that the chances that you will find your right match are quite high. About 50,000 people are already registered on Be2 in Australia to find a partner for a trustful and solid relationship. Well, that number sounds quite small for such a huge area as Australia. But the operator guarantees to find a great match that lives close to you. Even matches in the Outback are available. Plus, more matches will come about, as the number of new members is rising fast.

Be2 - Member area

To see if you and another member potentially fit together, you will see a compatibility rating on every member´s profile on Be2. The personality test taken during the registration, which you and every other member have to take, creates an algorithm which will calculate the compatibility with every user that you visit.

Of course you can also check out a profile that has no compatibility at all, and try your luck. But the compatibility rating, which is displayed as a round circle on a member profile, will tell you within a few seconds if this match could be your dream partner for the rest of your life.

This way you don’t have to check out every profile in the members’ pool and read every detail in their profile description, to find out afterwards that this might not work out. The compatibility rating saves you time and heartaches, and you can start having a chat right away.

If the compatibility rating is good, the chances that you and this certain member have the same interests and personal preferences are very high. That also means, that you can start a conversation right away and the process to get to know each other will be smooth and easy.

How you can make the first contact

Be2 makes it easy to get to know each other. The reason is, on the one hand, the compatibility rating. On every profile you can see on the first viewing, if this person could be a good match. On the other hand, the website does not offer a lot of different features for the first contact.

Be2 - Search

Even if Be2 does not offer various functions to let another member know about your interests, it is enough for a nice and charming start to a romantic chat. First of all you will have to set up your search criteria in your profile. When you have done this, you will visit the contact section to see your potential matches. The list of your potential matches will update every 24 hours, so be quick if you don’t want to lose track of a certain member.

To get in touch with another member of a Be2, you have to visit their profile. You can add every member to your favourite list. This way, you can remember a certain member, as it will be saved in your favourite list until you get in touch with the user, or until you delete their profile from your list.

You can send another member a smiley and wait to see if the other user sends you a smiley back. If they do, you can start a chat, or you can start a conversation right away, by sending a private message. A personal message is the ‘old school’ way to get in touch with another member, but it is also the most successful alternative. Of course, only if your first message is charming and friendly.

Call your match via a video-call

Modern technology is evolving all the time and creates new chances and ways to archive something new. The website of Be2 got such a new invention as well. Now it is possible to make a video-call with another user of this site. You have to ask the member for permission in advance, whether a video call is desired or not. If yes, then you can call each other at any time. But this function is only available with a premium membership.

It is a great renewal and a good alternative to take the next step. After the first messages have been exchanged and the first impression fits, you can get to know each other even better via video call. This is perfect thing just in case if you are not quite sure if you want to have a real date or not. It is easier to talk instead of writing plus you can express all of your feelings way better. The video-call works via laptop, PC and cell phone. Of course, you can also turn off the video function and just have a normal call without a video first.

Exciting features for the first impression

One more way to get in touch with others is to share your profile pictures with a member. This way you can give another member a good impression about you without using a single word. If the other member shares her or his images with you as well, your chances are great.

There is one more thing that Be2 offers to get in touch with others. In the contact section you can make a kind of a picture vote. It is called: “Is it Love at first Like?”. There you will see a profile picture and you can either choose if you like it or not. If you like a profile picture and the person on the picture likes your profile picture as well, you both will get a notification. This principle is similar to the dating app Tinder.

The costs on Be2

  • Free registration and free basic-membership
  • Paid premium-membership is needed to get in touch with others
  • Different terms are available (1, 6 or 12 months)
  • Automatic extension of the subscription and the trial premium-membership

The online dating website offers you a free basic-membership that will run until you delete your profile. Profiles that are not active any more will get a mark, so that every other member will see that this person has not been online for a while. If you activate your profile again, the mark will disappear automatically.

The free basic-membership allows you to check out the website and to check out the members’ pool. If you upload an image on your profile, you will also see the profile pictures of other users. Additionally, the registration and the personality test are for free.

Be2 - Costs

If you want to get in touch with another member, you will need a paid premium- membership. The premium-membership is offered as a subscription with various terms and different costs per month. If you want to read and write messages, view the photo gallery of others, see who visited your profile, to set up your favorites list and to take a part in the picture voting, you will require a premium-membership.

There is one critical thing we do have to point out about the subscription of the paid premium-membership and the trial membership. It will extend automatically, if it is not cancelled in time. So always remember, if you find your partner, make sure that you cancel your membership in time.

The costs of the premium-membership:

  • The basic premium-membership runs for one month and cost $79.90
  • The classic premium-membership runs for 6 months and cost $39.90 per month
    ($239.40 in total)
  • The committed premium-membership runs for 12 months and cost $29.90 per month
    ($80 in total)

Our conclusion on Be2

The online dating website Be2 makes a lot of things very good. The registration is easy and exciting as you have to fill out a scientific personality test. Your answers in the questionnaire will be the basics to generate a smart algorithm which will find your perfect match in a short time.

The algorithm will also calculate your compatibility with every other member, to save you time and effort. Additionally, the website comes in a modern design with solid features and functions that make the handling of the portal easy and smooth.

If you are looking for a commitment and a long-term relationship, Be2 is one of the best choices you can make. Just make sure to cancel your membership after you have found your match, as it will extend automatically. But in the end, that is the one and only critical point we have to mention about this platform.