Academic Singles

Academic Singles is one of our top sites in the category of dating sites. The platform brings you a highly educated and high-class members pool, with a large number of active users. Millions of people trust this website and found their big love right here. In Australia, Academic Singles gets more and more popular, so the chances that you will find your perfect partner on this portal are quite good.


  • One of the best dating portals for intellectual and academic singles
  • An extensive personality test has to be completed for the registration
  • The test is the basis for an accurate match finding system
  • A high dating rate, plus a success rate of 41%
  • Millions of people have joined the network all around the world
  • More than 920,000 members in Australia
  • More than 24.000 people join the matchmaker portal every day
  • The majority of users are middle aged people
  • A balanced gender-ratio with 51% male and 49% female members
  • The website is operated by a well-known and trustworthy company
  • A perfect place on the internet to meet educated singles
  • Verified profiles and safe platform for best security
  • A convincing price-performance ratio

The online dating website Academic Singles exclusively aims for ambitious and educated singles. The goal of the portal is not to simply generate as much dates as possible. The members are looking for a solid partner, a long-term relationship with a trustworthy person, on a higher level. Academic Singles will help you to find the right match for you based on an extensive scientific personality test. In the following article you will find out if Academic Singles is the right choice for you.

General information

The online dating portal Academic Singles is a matchmaker website. That means that the members of this platform are looking for a solid and serious relationship. The character of the members, the way the users get in touch and what they aim for, is the opposite to a casual dating website, where the people are looking for a “one-night stand” or an affair. Here on Academic Singles people want to search and find the right partner.

The matchmaker platform is operated by the company Be2 S.à.r.l., which is also the enterprise behind other solid dating platforms like Be2 or C-Date. This company is located in Luxembourg and is classified as extremely trustworthy, safe and satisfying. The operator has run its solid network of dating websites for many years. Academic Singles has been available in Australia since 2008.

The user satisfaction is just great on the websites of Be2 S.à.r.l. This operator seems to know exactly what people are looking for and how to create a solid platform for that. Academic Singles can advertise a high level of customer satisfaction as well. The reason for the high success rate of the matchmaker is the scientifically based matchmaking system, that relies on a wide-ranging personality test. Based on your answers an accurate algorithm will find your perfect match in the members pool of Academic Singles that should fit just perfectly, according to your preferences. The website will only show you potential matches that are very compatible with you. The questionnaire of the scientifically based personality test is about your attitude, desires, expectations and opinions about life and love.

Design and operation

  • Modern design
  • Useful functions that are easy to handle
  • Operation is simple, thanks to the great overview

The whole platform comes in a modern design that is appealing to younger and older users. There isn’t much by way of fuss and frills, but with a name like Academic Singles, it only seems apt. The main colours used are white and bright blue as background colours. The characteristics are either coloured white or black. That makes the words easy to read and your eyes won’t get tired even after chatting for hours and hours with your match.

One more reason why Academic Singles is very easy to handle, is that there are no special features that are too complex to use. But of course, this matchmaker offers all the important features and functions to find the right match for you.

The profile settings are self-explanatory and easy to edit. If you visit another profile, you will know in the first few seconds all the important data about the other member, plus Academic Singles will show a number of compatible profiles. That makes the portal all in all very simple to handle and to find a match. Additionally, the modern design provides a great overview of the member’s pool, the features, and the chatroom.


Dating on the run – the mobile version of Academic Singles

Academic Singles is a modern matchmaker. Of course, this modern dating website provides an app for iOS and Android devices as well. You can download the app for free either via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The app has the very same design as the website version plus it comes with all features and functions. One advantage you have, if you will install the Academic Singles app on your phone, is that you can turn on the notifications to see immediately when you get a new match or when someone has sent you a message.

The registration on Academic Singles

  • AcademicSingles - RegisterThe registration includes a personality test
  • You have to take the questionnaire for the registration
  • There are no wrong answers
  • Take your time and do not answer in a hurry
  • The registration will take between 10 – 15 minutes

The registration process on Academic Singles will take about 15 minutes. That sounds like a lot of time for the registration, but it has its reasons. During the registration you will take a personality test plus include your personal information, like your age and look, after the questionnaire. Before that, you have to enter your own gender and what you are looking for. This site is for straight and gay customers. After you have provided your e-mail address, you will start the personality test.

On this questionnaire you will have to answer a wide variety of questions which are about your personality, your character, and your preferences for a perfect partner. The questions of the personality test are detailed and clearly understandable. So, it won’t happen that you are not sure what a certain question is about or what you should answer.

Do not answer in a hurry

On the one hand the questions of the personality test are simple, but on the other hand, you should answer the questions seriously and take your time. The reason is, that all of your answers will be processed by an algorithm. Later, after the registration, this algorithm will provide you potential matches that are based on your answers. The more time you send on the personality test and the more precisely you answer the questions, the better your matches will be.

In the end, you are the only one that will profit from your accurate answers plus this will save you some time and effort. If you do not answer correctly you might have to make some changes later. Also, if you do not answer honestly, your perfect match is not able to find you. Of course, your character is not carved in stone. You will go through some changes in your life that might change your attitude. As such, changes do not come every day. You can edit your personality test only one time after you have done it.

Set up your individual profile

– Extensive profiles have a lot of details about a person
– You can create an individual profile
– Additional information about your interests, views and values can be selected by using images
– Uploading a maximum five profile pictures is possible

Academic Singles - Profile

After the registration and the personality test is done, you have to verify your e-mail address. Then you can visit the member’s pool of Academic Singles or edit more details in your profile. It is recommended that you spend some time on creating your own individual profile, to have better chances later. The reason is simple, as the more information you provide in your profile, the more another member can find out about you and may get in touch with you. Plus, with more information, the algorithm works better to find someone, or for you to get spotted as well. As Academic Singles is a matchmaker portal, it does not a matter if you are a female or male user. Both genders will take their chances if they find a right match, but only if they can find enough details about a potential partner.

Views and values

You can customise your profile very individually by editing different themes and topics. This way a potential match will see on the very first impression, if you have something in common or not. Academic Singles makes it possible for you to make contact through mutual interests, views, and values.

Academic Singles makes the selection of those topics easy and the implementation of that information is modern. In your views and values, other members will find out what is important to you. There you will provide details about your lifestyle or what is important to you regarding friendship and relationship. One example is that you can let other people know more about your lifestyle by selecting an option about which location you prefer. A remote island, in the mountains, in the countryside, close to the ocean or in the middle of a city.

The member´s pool on Academic Singles

  • More than 920,000 registered singles in Australia
  • Millions of active members worldwide
  • The majority of the members are middle aged
  • 51% male and 49% female members
  • A high success rate of 41% plus a high percentage of well-educated people

In your profile settings you can’t just edit information about yourself and your interests. You can also adjust the settings for your search criteria’s. The search criteria are about your preferences for your potential partner. In this section you can edit the range of age of your potential match, or in which region you are searching for a partner.

Academic Singles - Who is online?

The result is the combination of your search criteria and the results of the algorithm based on your answers of the personality test. If you have set up all needed details and uploaded some images of yourself, you can visit the member’s pool to look for your matches. Academic Singles does not show you all members on the platform but only a wide selection of potential matches. All of the members you will find in the section “My Matches” are potential matches and if you want, you can get in touch with each one of them.

How to get in touch with someone

The matchmaker Academic Singles makes it easy to get to know each other. One nice feature is the so called “Ice breaker”. The ice breaker is comparable to a personal message to you. If you don’t edit the ice breaker message it will say: “What a wonderful day – and you can make it even better if you write back to me!” That sounds lovely and it is a charming way to make a first contact. Of course, it is better if you create your own version of an ice breaker.

More options to get in touch with a member are by liking the profile of a member or sending them a “like” smiley. Academic Singles offers a selection of different smileys. You can send a discreet smile or a wave. Or you can try your luck and send a kiss smiley straight away. One more alternative for the first contact is to share your personal images with a member. If the other member likes what she or he sees, she or he might return the favour and share her images with you as well.

In a nutshell, Academic Singles offers you a variety of different ways to get in touch with another member without using any words. Of course, you can also send a private message to another member. The personal message is the “old school” way of making the first contact and it is also the most successful one. To send a personal message to another member, you will need to subscribe to a paid premium-membership.

The rates on Academic Singles

  • The costs originate via a subscription
  • Premium-membership is available for 3, 6 and 12 months
  • The subscription with extend automatically
  • Deadline for termination varies
  • Good price/performance ratio

Academic Singles offers you a free registration and a free creation of your profile. Additionally, you can visit all sections of the website. Plus, you can receive messages from other premium-membership holders and send smileys to all other members. After the registration the profile pictures of other members are blurred. But you won’t need a premium-membership to see the pictures. The only thing you will have to do is to upload at least one picture of yourself. Then you can see also the profile pictures of all other members.

Academic Singles - Costs

But if you want to see all images of all members that are hidden in the profile, you will need a paid premium-membership. You will also need a paid premium-membership to send unlimited messages to all members, to see which members have visited your profile and to add other users to your private favourites list.

The costs of the premium-membership are:

  • 3 months cost $54.90 per month
  • 6 months cost $39.90 per month
  • 12 months cost $24.90 per month

The subscription for the premium-membership will renew automatically. That is the only critical point we need to mention about the payment here. If you took a subscription for a 6-month -membership, by the end of it, it will be renewed for another six months, if you miss the deadline to cancel it. The deadline for the cancellation depends on the term of the subscription. If you took a 3 months subscription the deadline for termination is three weeks. If you took are 6 months subscription the deadline is six weeks, and for 12 months the deadline is 12 weeks. So, you should always remember to cancel your subscription in time, or when you have found your match.

Our conclusion on Academic Singles

Academic Singles is regarded as one of the best matchmaker platforms worldwide for many good reasons. As this portal gets more and more popular in Australia as well, it might be the best choice for you if you are looking for the special one, and a long-term relationship. Academic Singles counts nearly a million registered members that are highly educated and do not want to fool around. Besides, these high-class members are mostly looking for a serious commitment, and the website and its solid working algorithm will provide all the required functions, to provide accurate potential matches. With one of the best success rates in the online dating business (41%) it is surely worth a try.