Victoria Milan

Are you looking for a new partnership and something new? Then online dating is a great alternative. If you are looking for a casual date but you are stuck in a relationship, or you are even married? Then Victoria Milan is the right choice for you. It is one of the most discreet dating platforms in the world. Founded in the year 2010, it is nowadays one of the most popular websites available.


  • One of the best casual dating platforms in the world
  • A high number of members in Australia
  • Available all around the world
  • Perfect for travelling
  • More than six million active members
  • Great for married people
  • Everything is possible here – you can an affair or a great partner
  • Simple to use and smart functions
  • Panic button that jumps to another unsuspicious site
  • Great personal data protection
  • Verified profiles only
  • 100% anonymous profiles – no names needed

If you are in a relationship but looking for something new, this website might be the right place for you. Being in a committed relationship is just great. Love and security are something we all adore but there is always the danger of getting into a routine. There is no excitement at home anymore and things get boring, and there is no fire left? Then it might be the time to light up your fire again. Why not try having an affair? This is exactly where Victoria Milan comes into the game. It is one of the best and most secure casual dating websites in the world. In Australia, this site has got a lot of members already and the numbers are rising fast. If you join here, you will find an open-minded community.

General details

  • Casual dating platform for everyone
  • Cheating partners or couples that are looking for someone to join the fun
  • Trustworthy operator and secure platform
  • More than a decade of experience plus best service
  • One of the most famous casual dating websites in the world

Victoria Milan is operated by Digisec Media Limited. This company is responsible for some other great dating portals. The company is located in Malta and runs the website globally. If you register on Victoria Milan, you will also get access to the partner dating websites RichMeetBeautiful, MarriageBooster, Virtuaffair, and NextLove.

The casual dating portal Victoria Milan was founded in Norway in 2010. For ten years it claims to be the number one platform for married and attached people that are looking for some new excitement.

“Relive the passion – Find your Affair” – that is the slogan of the portal. Of course, on here are not just people who are looking forward to cheating on their partner. You can register here in any case and just get in touch with interesting people. There are no boundaries or any rules. If you are married, in a relationship or single and just want to have a nice time with someone new, this place is open for everyone.

Victoria Milan is available all over the world, and thanks to the number of members in Australia, it does not take too long to find a date in your region. It also got a large number of members in New Zealand, Asia, USA and Europe. That makes Victoria Milan a great alternative for arranging an affair while travelling for private purposes or on a business trip. The only thing that you have to do to join the adventure is to register and create a profile.

The registration process

  • The registration is free
  • Only a few details are needed
  • Straightforward and quick registration
  • The 5 steps of the registration are simple

The registration at Victoria Milan is simple and is done in only a few minutes. You will have to provide some general personal data like your gender, age and your e-mail address of course. The e-mail address has to be valid as you have to verify it to subscribe to the premium-membership later.

Victoria Milan - Register

Besides the typical information needed for the registration which are named above, you will enter some details about you and your preferences. All that information is selected by using a list of keywords. It is a short questionnaire with simple questions. After that is done you only have to verify your e-mail address then you can set up your profile and get started.

Profile settings and profile picture editing

If you are concerned about personal data protection or are scared about the upload of a profile picture because you are stuck in a relationship, you can relax. This portal is secured with an SSL certificate plus you can edit your profile picture so no one can recognize you. The operator makes sure that you can hide your identity completely by using simple tools. With the anonymous blur function, you will have a blurred profile picture so no other member can see your profile picture clearly. If you have found a match, you can reveal your profile picture to this member only.

There are some things to do, before you start flirting and finding your affair. At the beginning it is recommended that you upload some pictures to your profile. Even if you make it blurred there are some reasons for the upload of your images.

Victoria Milan - Profile

In your profile setting you can add some details about your lifestyle and background. In general, there are not so many details for you to provide. Also, it is not requirement to share many details. Remember, this is a casual dating website, so a lot information is not needed. Plus, there are a lot of members that are married or in a relationship. Some of them do not share a lot of information but are open for a chat and more. That’s what makes the users of Victoria Milan so open-minded. It is necessary to get in touch via a private chat, as the profiles just provide the basic details.

The Design of Victoria Milan

The design of the website and its interface look good, but it is nothing special. The design of the website might not be the best thing about the website, but it gives the user a great overview of the portal. Additionally all functions and settings are easy to find and to use.

Having a chat with someone else on the computer or mobile phone could be dangerous, if your real partner is nearby. But that is no problem as Victoria Milan has got a smart but easy solution. The website has got a panic button and it does what a panic button should do. By pressing the panic button, you will instantly get redirect to another innocent website.

This is exactly what you need in case of an emergency if you have to exit the website. The button is located at the lower-right hand side of the website. If you click on it, you will be directed to YouTube. That makes the use of the portal safe, even if your partner is near you.

The members pool of Victoria Milan

  • More than six million members
  • Open-minded people and active users
  • Verified members only
  • Balanced gender-ratio

The casual dating website Victoria Milan claims to be the “Worlds #1 for married & attached dating”. Indeed, the website’s success and purpose is at the very top level. Most of the Victoria Milan members are from the United States, Australia and Europe. The members pool “Down Under” shows a large percentage of the six million people that are registered here. Plus, it is filled with interesting and open-minded people that are looking for casual fun. How many people have actually joined this portal and where they are located, is unknown. The operator keeps that a secret – just another example of how safely you can act here.

Victoria Milan - Members area

From young to old, everyone is looking for fun and an adventure from time to time. Its members are located all around the world. The exact number of members is not shown on the website. Also the average age of the users is not known. It seems that most of the members are in the age range of 35 to 55 years, and here is the place where married people are looking for some adventure. That means, a lot of them have got married, then became stuck in their daily routine, until they register here.

Getting in touch with new people

You can visit the members pool and view some profiles, or you use the search filter to look for something special. If you found an interesting member, you can get in touch with that person in different ways. You can send a smiley and a heart to let the other user know that you are interested in this member. If the other user sends you a smiley or a heart back, you can get started.

You can filter the members pool for the age and your region of course. Thanks to the high number of users there should always be a great match close to you. Plus, you can select that you only want to see profiles that have uploaded an image. This is one more reason to upload a picture of yourself. The members pool and user profiles do not show a lot of details. This way the portal guarantees the safety of its members. If you want to know more about a member, you will have to get in contact with that person.

Be kind – send a gift or an image of you

One way to start contacting is by sending a gift. These gifts are not for free. You will have to buy credits to send a gift to another member. Another way is to give someone the key to your private pictures. Your private pictures are not visible to others, so you can also upload some hot erotic content of yourself. You can also ask for access to the private images of another member by just clicking on the small key on their profile. If you get access, that might be a great start to an affair.

Last but not least you can send a message to someone. This is the old-fashioned way to start a conversation but also the most promising alternative. An individual message with some charming words is the best way to get started. This way you can get to know each other in a few minutes and start a hot flirt. But you will need a premium-membership first to buy credits.

Victoria Milan app

  • Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Meet people nearby or while travelling
  • The interface is similar to the desktop version
  • No panic button and no video chat on the app

Victoria Milan is available for iOS and Android devices. Victoria Milan is a modern casual dating website and offers its users an app. The interface is similar to the desktop version and even if you open the website with a mobile browser on your phone, the overview is just great.

A great thing about using the Victoria Milan app “on the go” is to find people nearby. If you are sitting in a restaurant waiting for a meal, you can check if there is a member near your location. This way your lonely meal might end up in a spontaneous flirt and a date. This works while travelling and makes Victoria Milan a great choice for your vacation or a business trip.

The fees on Victoria Milan

  • Costs originate via a paid premium-membership
  • Credits for gifts are available to buy as well but not necessarily needed
  • Subscriptions are offered for 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Automatic extension of your membership
  • Good price-performance ratio

The costs on Victoria Milan originate from a subscription for a premium-membership and credits. Credits are not necessarily needed as they will be only used to send gifts. A premium-membership is needed to send messages. They are offered in three different subscriptions with different terms and fees:

Three months of premium-membership costs 50 AUD per week/ 50. AUD per month

A three months membership you will get access to:
Unlimited chat
View your visits
You can ask for private images from other members
Send gifts, likes and winks

Six months of premium-membership costs 50 AUD per week/ 30. AUD per month

With a six months membership, you will get access to the same options as with the three months membership, but you will save some money.

12 months of premium-membership costs a 00 AUD per week/ 20. AUD per month

With a 12 months membership you will get access to the same options. But again, you save a good amount of money by the end of the subscription.

You can select the payment rate that suits you the best. It is possible to pay weekly, monthly, or the full amount at once. Your credit card bill will not show the name Victoria Milan, so your partner can even check your credit card payments and will not see any clues. The price-performance-ratio is good. For what you will get in return, it is a very fair price.

Victoria Milan - Costs

Be aware that all subscriptions will be automatically renewed. That means your credit card will be debited with the amount equal to the subscription you chose. That might be the only thing about Victoria Milan that we do not really like. An automatic extension seems unnecessary for such a popular dating portal in our point of view. Anyway, just make sure that you cancel your subscription in time.

Our conclusion on Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan is a casual dating website designed for married and attached people. It’s not for everyone, but everyone is welcome here. If you are looking for an affair, then this online dating platform is the best choice for you. Victoria Milan is great for people in a committed relationship, but it is also great for singles who are looking for a casual date as well. Thanks to its smart functions that are easy to handle, everyone can use the portal easily. Plus, the member’s pool is filled with interesting and open-minded people of all ages, so you will find great matches here for sure.