The online dating website is operated by one of the most trusted dating operators in Europe and is specifically created for senior users that are looking for love and serious commitments. If you are a silver ager and want to enjoy dating with new people in the United Kingdom, this might be one of the best places to look for it.


  • Nearly one million registered members
  • More than 180,000 users in the UK
  • Balanced gender ratio: 57% male and 43% female users
  • The average age is older – dating specifically for seniors
  • Members from all regions and social stratums
  • Matchmaking is based on a scientific personality test
  • The operator is very reliable and well-known for good services
  • Secure dating website and anonymous use
  • Thanks to manual checks there are no fake profiles
  • Costs originate with subscriptions
  • Registration and basic membership are free

The online dating website specifically senior singles is created and operated by Be2 S.à.r.l. The company runs some more dating websites and we have already reported them. The operator is well-known for its very reliable, trustworthy and solid dating portals. is one more very great dating alternative, dedicated to the older generation. You are a silver ager, single and looking for a serious commitment? Then this might be the right choice for you to look for a relationship. In the following article you will find more details about and find out, if it is worth a try.

General details about

  • Created by one of the most trusted dating operators
  • Matchmaking is based on a scientific personality test
  • modern designs and easy use
  • The dating portal is for seniors in the UK

The matchmaker dating website for seniors and silver agers is another great place on the internet to find love or a partner for a serious relationship. It is operated by Be2 S.à.r.l. which was founded in Germany more than a decade ago. Since that, the company has grown a lot but has never changed its efforts to provide a solid and secure dating service.

Nowadays the headquarters of Be2 S.à.r.l. is in Luxembourg but this is not the only office of the global operator. Several hundred employees work in offices that are located in ten different countries distributed all over the world. The team ensures smooth operations and general customer satisfaction. It is the helping hand if any problem appears.

Be2 S.à.r.l. is the operator of But it is also responsible for the great regarded platform Be2 and Academic Singles. If there is a solid and trustworthy company that operates dating websites, it is the Be2 S.à.r.l. So if the company runs more platforms, why should you choose

Help silver agers find their right partners is dedicated to senior singles. It is to help silver agers find their right partners here in the UK. On this dating portal there are more than 180.000 users registered in the UK alone. Nearly one million members are registered worldwide. The matchmaking is based on a scientific personality test that guarantees only great fitting matches.

This website allows mature singles to meet new people online on a solid, secure and trustworthy platform. As the website is created for the older generation, it comes with some special features and a great appearing design.

Modern designs and a good overview

  • Nice appearing website with modern designs
  • Various features and functions for online dating
  • easy handling on the website and its functions
  • Design is adapted to the older generation

Of course, it is only prejudice of the younger generation that the older generation is not able to cope with modern technology or the internet. But to ensure that every user can handle without any trouble, its design is adapted to the older generation. offers some features that are specially created and designed for seniors. This way the website ensures that the operation and the navigation are modern, easy and smooth, but also self-explaining at the same time.

The general design on is modern and comes mostly in the colors of blue, grey and black. The black color is mostly used for characters to make sure the words are easy to read. Features setting up the profile, uploading pictures, how to get from one profile to another one and to check out your potential matches are easy to recognize and simply done.

Additionally some features have been extra implanted to ensure that everyone can handle the platform. It may sound complicated to make registration and enter enough personal data so that a smart algorithm can find your perfect match out of thousands of members, but luckily it is not.

To enter the necessary details about you is simple and the matchmaking system works fully automatically. This way you can find silver agers who are single in your region within a very short time.

Smart functions with an easy operation offers several functions and features that make online dating exciting and easy. This way the portal allows seniors unrestricted use and the process simple enough to find the right match. Interactions with other users is just as easy as the general handling of the platform.

The member’s area has a great overview and the different sections are separated. The navigation is very easy thanks to the good overview. In the “contacts” section users can find their potential matches and visit each member’s profile. In the “Mailbox” section we find the chat room. If the user receives a message from another member there will be an extra notification with a red bubble. Thanks to the colorful highlight it is easy to find out if something new has happened. Of course, it is necessary to make the registration first, to use the features on the dating website.

The registration

  • The registration process takes about 10 to 20 minutes
  • Various steps which includes a personality test
  • The questions on the personality test are scientific based but simple
  • Based on these results the website will find your matches
  • Upload a max of 5 images

Registration on is free and includes some personal questions about your idea of the perfect partner and relationship. It is recommended that you take your time for the registration. The process includes a psychological personality test which takes from 10 to 20 minutes. The multiple-choice questions are simple and self-explaining.

Based on the answers you provide, an algorithm will find your matches later. So don’t lie to yourself as first it is not necessary and second, the more accurate the answers are the more accurate your matches will be. The questions are about if you like or dislike something. The questionnaires are about you and how you feel about your partner in a relationship.

There is no time running, so there is no need to hurry. In the last step, you will provide more information about your appearances and your personality. That includes where you live and what your profession is. The details from the last step are editable in your profile setting, but the questions from the personality test can’t be edited later.

Creating your profile

After registration and the verification of your E-Mail-Address is done, you can see your matches. But it is recommended to edit your profile a bit more, to higher the chances of your dating success. That starts with a great looking profile picture. You can upload up to five different images of yourself and you should upload at least one. Make sure the images do not show explicit content they have to get approved first. This process might take a few hours.

The reason is that everyone will prefer a profile with a picture. Also you might prefer to respond to a message from a members profile with a profile picture, instead of a profile that has no face at all. The same thing is about the additional information you will provide in your profile settings.

In the section “My Profile” you can edit details like your interests, topics, views and values. This way you make it possible so another member will visit your profile and like your attitude. Then it could be your dream partner finds you. In the section “My Profile” you can also edit your search criteria. Based on your answers in the personality test and your search criteria, the website will find your matches.

The member’s area on

  • Nearly one million registered members
  • More than 180.000 users in the UK
  • Balanced gender ratio – 57% male and 43% female users
  • Dating website for silver agers – specifically for seniors

In the “Contacts” section you can see all your potential matches. As there are more than 180.000 registered members in the UK, you will have plenty of alternatives.

Of course, you can also check out every single profile in the member’s area on On every users’ profile that you visit, you will see the profile information and compatibility. The compatibility rate will let you know at first if you and a certain member would fit together or not.


This way you don’t have to spend too much time reading everything on a profile. The compatibility rate saves you time and if it is good enough there is nothing in your way from starting a chat.

Get to know each other offers various ways to get in contact with a new person. The functions are limited but still enough for an individual and charming first impression.

To get in touch with one of your matches, you can add her or him to your favorite list. The favorite list makes it possible for you to save contacts for later. But the member you added will also get a notification about your actions.

Another way to get in touch with a member without any written word is by sending a smiley. offers a small selection of smileys. Of course, you can also send a smiley after you have started a conversation. You can send a smile, a big smile, a wink, a kiss, a wave or a big wave.

Before we mentioned that you should upload some pictures onto your profile. One reason for that is that you can use your profile pictures to get in contact with someone on You can show your pictures to every member and maybe she or he will return that favor. Of course, you should upload only good images of yourself.

You start a conversation with a potential match go right ahead and send a private message. This is the old way to get in contact with someone and also the most successful one. But make sure that your first message is well-written as here the first impression counts.

One more way to get in touch with new people is the function: “Is it Love at first Like?” The principle is the same as the dating app Tinder. You can either like or dislike a profile picture in your “Contact” section. If the member likes your profile picture too you both will get a notification about your likes.

The costs on

  • Free registration
  • The basic membership and personality test are free as well
  • To get in touch with others paid premium membership is needed
  • Subscription is offered for 3,6 or 12 months with different costs per month
  • Attention: the subscription will extend automatically and the deadline to cancel varies

The registration on is free. That includes the personality test and basic membership. With basic membership you can edit your profile, check out your matches, upload some images and get to know the website.

The costs on originate with a subscription for a paid premium membership. A paid premium membership is needed if you want to get started and get in touch with others. If you want to:

  • add contacts to your favorites
  • see your visitors
  • read all of your messages in the Mailbox
  • send unlimited messages to all other members
  • to see the pictures of others in their profile

you will need a paid premium membership.


You have different offers for the paid premium membership:

The basic premium membership
3 months membership will cost £ 39.99 per month
(£ 119.97 in total)

The classic premium membership
6 months membership will cost £ 29.99 per month
(£179.94 in total)

The committed premium membership
12 months membership will cost £ 19.99 per month
(£239.88 in total)



The subscription will extend automatically. If you have found your partner you will have to cancel your membership by yourself. If you miss the deadline paid premium membership will extend for the same amount of time as you subscribed before:

“(1) At the end of each Contract Period, the Contract for chargeable Services purchased via the Site will be automatically extended and continue for a period equal to the original Contract Period insofar no other period has been communicated at the purchase”

You will also have to cancel the trial membership: “(B) a paid trial at a discounted price which will automatically convert to Premium Membership Services;

Our conclusion on

The online dating website is one of the best choices you can make if you are a senior and want to give the game of love one more chance. It offers various easy functions and features to get in touch with new people in the UK. The price-performance ratio is good, the website is solid and the operator is one of the most rewarded plus trustworthy companies in the online dating business.