New Honey

The dating portal New Honey is a casual dating website of course this is not just any dating website. New Honey is one of the best of the best so it is one of our test winners in this category. According to the information that the operator provides of the landing page the casual dating website has more than 36 million members all around the world. A big part of those users are from Australia, so wherever you may live in Australia, you should find quite a big number of potential matches.


  • More than 36 million members worldwide
  • Lots of active members from Australia
  • Gender ratio is balanced
  • Casual dating website for singles and people in relationships
  • Extensive website with many functions and features
  • Simple to handle and absolutely discreet
  • Female members use the website and all its functions for free
  • Male Members have to pay for subscriptions
  • New Honey offers a free trial period
  • Good and accurate match making thanks to a smart algorithm and detailed profiles

Online dating is getting popular more and more. Right now, the number of dating websites in Australia has never been higher than it is today and the numbers keep on rising. But only a small percentage of websites are really trustworthy and even though they have less offers you get exactly what they have promised you. New Honey is such a good website. The offer on the casual dating website is outstandingly good plus the portal is very safe, discreet and very satisfying. In this following review you will find out if New Honey is the right choice for you and your dating preferences.

General information about New Honey

  • Trustworthy operators and a safe platform
  • One of the most used casual dating websites in Australia
  • High number of members

The online dating website New Honey is a casual dating platform. That means the people who join this platform don’t want to fool around or waste any time. It is all about being casual and open minded. It is not important if you are single, in a relationship, just curious or even married. The only thing that is important here is that you are looking for an adventure filled with passion and that you act absolutely discreet within that time.

New Honey is operated by Interdate S.A. The company that is located in Luxembourg is not really a new player in the online dating business but is well-known for its high quality dating websites. But New Honey is not just another website. It is much more as this website is one of the best rated casual dating portals worldwide and in Australia. It has one of the highest number of active members in the casual dating business and it is getting more popular every day. Currently the website has more than 36 million international users all around the world.


  • Easy process for registration
  • Registration is free
  • After registration every user will receive a free trial premium membership
  • Registration takes about 10 minutes and is quite detailed

The casual dating website advertises more than 36 million active users worldwide. Regarding the information about the operator is quite a big part of those members from the UK. Plus the website gets a lot of new members every day and the ratio between female and male users seems to be very balanced. One reason for the high number of members plus the many daily new members is the free registration. But New Honey offers much more than just free registration. After registration every new user will receive a free trial membership. That allows you to check the website out and try its functions. Additionally it is possible to get in touch with the users as the website does not charge any money for credits and coins but only for subscriptions.

Enjoy the free trial premium membership

With registration on the dating platform New Honey, you will enter some personal information plus some details about your preferences you already have. Of course, you can change everything you enter after registration later on in your profile settings. Registration takes several steps and is done in just over 10 minutes.

First you will need to answer some questions about yourself, your current status of relationship and your sexual preferences. At the end of registration you have to provide your personal E-Mail address, password and username. If you verify your E-Mail after the procedure you can visit the member’s area, edit more data in your profile and enjoy the free trial premium membership.

At this point you can also upload some images of yourself. As New Honey is a casual dating website where also married people are registered and looking for affairs, the website allows a very detailed data protection so you can share your images individually to only a certain member or make them visible to the public.

Profile settings

  • User profiles are extensive
  • The more data you provide the better your matches will be
  • You can upload up to 5 profile pictures

The profiles on New Honey are quite detailed for a casual dating website. Of course, you do not have to provide a lot of private information that could reveal your identity as a big part of members that are married are looking for an adventure but has to be very discreet.

In your personal profile you can edit data like your body shape and appearance. More information that you will have to provide to find a good match are things you like about yourself the most and things you want your partner to have. You can upload up to five images for your profile picture which has to be approved by an operator first. A great feature is that you can make them visible individually.

Find out if a certain user is interested in you

To find a right match, you will also have to enter your sexual preferences. New Honey makes it quite easy and exciting to enter those important details. You can choose a maximum of five different images out of a pool of images that display some sexual themes or fetishes. Even the images do not show explicit sexual images, you will know exactly what picture stands for what fetish.

If you have entered all your personal data, your interests and sexual preferences you can go on and get started. But when it comes to the point of finding a match New Honey makes it a little bit different than other websites.

You can see on your profile which members have visited you and which member liked you. The section about your visitors allows you to see which users have checked out your profile and might have visited you frequently. This is another way to find out if a certain user is interested in you.

Personal data and security

Before we explain how you can get in touch with others and what New Honey difference is compared to other casual dating websites we want to mention the safety on the platform and your personal information.

As already mentioned New Honey is a casual dating website. But of course the website is not just for singles, but for all people looking for love and adventures. This fact makes it necessary that all personal data is protected against hacking one hundred percent and that you have full control of your profile plus your information. A great feature of New Honey is that you can individually decide which member can see your profile and its content. You can share your images with a certain member or with all members. You will have to allow others to see your profile pictures. This way you can be sure that no one reveals your real identity, if you don’t want to. If you don’t share your images they will appear blurry to all members, until you make them public.

The safety of the website itself is secured with complex encryption. So you can be sure that all of your personal information is safe and will remain secure at all times. If you delete your profile, all your profile details will be deleted as well.

The member’s area

  • More than 36 million members worldwide
  • A lot of active members are located in the UK
  • An open minded community
  • The members on New Honey are active – most of the time female users make the first contact

The members on New Honey are one of a kind. The community is very active and open minded. It wouldn’t take long until the first members notice a new member and get in touch with her or him. In contrary to other dating websites not just male users play the active part in the chats, but many times it happens that a female user starts conversations.


The pool of members on New Honey is huge. Worldwide the causal dating website counts more than 36 million members. In the UK the platform is well-known and is quite popular. That means, if you are looking for a casual date, New Honey is one of the best choices you can make.

Getting in touch with others

The matchmaking on New Honey is made by a smart and accurate algorithm. The algorithm will analyse your personal information and sexual preferences to find your perfect match from the member’s pool. That starts right after registration. New Honey will show you ten potential matches that should fit you and your interests just right. But unlike other dating platforms you can’t look for a person by yourself. You won’t see all the members on the website and you can’t search for a certain member in the pool of members.


New Honey will only show you a handful of members that are potential matches. Of course, the number of potential matches is high enough for a good selection plus those members are good potential matches. The website will also show you a section called “What’s New” where you can see which member is new and currently in a conversation.

Send a message to every other member

Then you can get in touch with a potential match. You have some alternatives to get in touch but not as many compared to other dating websites. The functions for first contact are quite basic. It is possible to add a member to your favourites list so you remember this person later. Another option is to share your personal images with other users. This way you can make first contact and show something private without any words. If the other members like your appearance and your pictures, she or he can also show you her or his personal pictures.

Last but not least you can send a message to every other member. You can send a message a maximum of 4000 characters which should provide enough of a range of words for first contact and then later for a nice chat. After registration you can get in touch with some members as long as the trial premium membership runs. After that you will need paid premium membership.

The costs for premium membership

New Honey offers free registration and a free trial premium membership. This way you can get used to the features and functions on the website and see if this platform is right for you. After the trial premium membership runs out you can buy a subscription for premium membership. If you are a female member looking for a male date the website will be free of all costs. Only male members have to pay for premium membership.

New Honey offers three different options for premium membership:

3 months Premium Start
6 months Premium Classic
12 months Premium Relax

The causal dating platform New Honey convinces us with a general great offer plus a lot of potential matches. But one thing is to mention which we don’t like about the payment. The subscription of premium membership will extend automatically. The website will renew your membership at the end of each term for the same terms as you bought before. Now if you bought a 12 months premium membership and forgot about the deadline for cancellation of 14 days it will be extended into another subscription for 12 months again. If you want to cancel the membership you will have to notify the customer services early enough.


Special offers and features on New Honey

  1. Guarantee for best satiation
    On one hand the automatic renewal of premium membership is one negative point. On the other hand the website offers something as a reward. If you don’t get any reactions back from your potential matches New Honey offers a money-back guarantee.
  2. The gallery for erotic images
    The erotic gallery of New Honey is for holders of premium membership only. This way you can be sure that all people joining this special erotic fun really want some excitement. Members can upload up to five images of themselves into the erotic gallery and other members that join this section can see those pictures too. As an image says more than a thousand words this is a very special way for first impressions on a person.
  3. The mobile version and app
    The website of New Honey has a great design with a very good overview. Also the operation on the website is easy as the functions are self-explaining and simple to handle. The easy use of New Honey and the good overview is not just available on big screen but also on a smaller screen on a mobile device.
    First the mobile version of the website on a mobile device is well implemented. Plus New Honey offers an app for iOS and Android devices which will bring you all features and functions from the desktop version.

Our conclusion from New Honey

The casual dating website New Honey advertises a very high number of active members that are distributed all around the world. The portal is very popular in the UK and offers a lot of potential matches which are provided by a smart and accurate algorithm for best satisfaction. Additionally the website offers a free trial premium membership so you can take some time to check out the website and get to know its features. The offer is generally great and the price-performance ratio is very good. If you are looking for a portal to find a casual date near you that offers a great selection of potential matches, New Honey might be the perfect choice for you.