InternationalCupid is a special online dating portal. It is our test winner in the category of Matchmaker, but it has also got some specifications which relate to another category. The operator of the website is highly trusted for its network of more than 30 different niche dating sites. Here, you will find many welcoming members.


  • Our test winner as a Matchmaker
  • Good choice for singles
  • Serious commitments and other dates can be found here
  • International matchmaking with many successful love stories
  • Highly regarded operator and dating service
  • High success rate thanks to a solid working matchmaking system
  • Balanced gender ratio
  • International availability – more than 30 reputable niche dating sites
  • More than 4 million registered members worldwide
  • Growing popularity in Australia
  • Many smart features to find your potential partner
  • Friendly customer support that is available 24/7
  • Costs will occur for a gold or platinum-membership

The online dating portal is a mix between a normal dating website and a matchmaker. Here, people are mostly looking for a serious commitment, but normal dates can happen here from time to time. The operator of the website is Cupid Media Pty Limited which is well-known for a huge network of niche dating sites. It is the same company that runs Muslima, AfroRomance, and FilipinoCupid, which are all well-established and reputable alternatives for online dating. is created to provide a dating platform where you can find a partner from a foreign country. The operator of the website is based in in the Gold Coast, Australia.

General information about is one of a kind. This online dating website is internationally available. Now, here in Australia, the number of members is rising fast. But, the focus of the portal is not on this region. That is not a problem at all, as there is no particular focus on a certain region in general. is, as the name explains, very international. The dating site is excellent for international dating. So, if you are interested in meeting new people from all over the world, this site is your number one choice. is a great alternative for all singles who are looking for a serious commitment. But, as this is a special kind of a matchmaker and mixed with a normal single dating website, casual things happen here as well. The focus of most members is long-term relationships. The members of this website are diverse, friendly, and welcoming. That means you can find new friends or your new partner here.

This matchmaker wants to make online dating easy. Even though the focus of its users are serious commitments, things are simple here. On other matchmaker dating sites, you must do an extensive personality test during registration. Here, the registration is done in just a few seconds.

The registration on

The registration on is very simple and free for all genders. It might be the fastest and easiest registration that we have ever seen on any of our test winning sites. The whole process takes only a few seconds. A verification of your e-mail-address is not needed. You will do the verification later, but not via your e-mail-address.

Other details required for registration on this website are your first name and a password. You must also agree to the privacy policy and the terms and conditions. You have the option to register with your Facebook account as well. Both options only take a few seconds. If you click on register, you will be directed to the members´ pool of right away. After the registration is completed, you will receive a basic-membership which is free as well. Costs occur later for a premium-membership. You have the choice between gold or platinum memberships.

Add more information to your profile

That appears to be rather simple for a matchmaker. However, you will be asked to enter more details about yourself later in the profile settings. Then the smart algorithm of the matchmaking system works solidly.

As mentioned before, registration is simple and fast. During that process further personal verification is not needed. You might start to think that there are many fake profiles to be found. Luckily, the operator works continuously against that and has smart solutions to protect users against fakes. You will verify more personal details later, by uploading an ID or while purchasing a premium-membership. In this way, fake profiles will be avoided. Furthermore, if you have the feeling that a profile is fake or inactive, you can contact the customer support. They will then check the profile for its validity. If you get spammed by another member of the site for some reason, you can either block this person, or contact the customer support. Both solutions work fast and are done easily.

Create your individual profile

The registration on is fast and easy. After that is done, you can check out the different sections of the platform. Also, you can add much more detail to your profile. We, as well as the operator of the site, recommend that you do that as soon as possible. Especially, the upload of an image of you should be done quickly. One strategy used by the operator to work against fake profiles is to block new profiles that do not upload at least one profile picture.

If that happens to you, you will see a notification that your profile is blocked. That message will also show you the reason for it. That can be quite annoying. But the upload of an image has got some advantages, so it is good to do it quickly.

You can upload up to 10 pictures of yourself. We recommend that you upload at least one image that shows your face only. Plus, another picture that shows your full appearance. Then other members of the site can get a better impression about your look. Also, make sure that the pictures are not blurry or cut. There are some advantages if the images show your personality. That works easily by uploading pictures which display your hobbies and lifestyle as well.

Additionally, you will find plenty of options to describe your personality, lifestyle and interests. In your profile settings you will find many multiple-choice questions that you can answer. It is all about you. We recommend you take your time, and to answer all questions honestly. Based on your answers, the matchmaker system will show your matches. This way you will also be found by other members. But, if you do not provide any information about yourself, not even the best matchmaker in the world could find you. Here you will find some free space to describe your personality in your own words. This combination allows you to create an individual profile which makes you look special. Because of the high number of members, you should use this opportunity.

Design and handling

The appearance of the matchmaker is modern and appealing. It is nothing special, but the simple design gives a good overview. On top the homepage, you will see different sections. There you can find your matches or your messages. In general, the online dating portal does not have a lot of sections. But it has all you need to find your match and to have a good time using the website.

The interface is designed in white, black and a red colour. White is used for the background, black for the characters. An appealing red colour is used for the menu on top. There you find the sections and features of the website. Besides that, some special sections of the site are marked in a green colour. For example, if you have a basic-membership and want to get a premium-membership, you will see a green button on the top right of the page.

This online dating platform has a simple and clear design. All the features and functions are self-explanatory and simple to use. It will only take only a few minutes before you know all sections of the website. So, you will have no problem finding your way around.

The app for your mobile phone

The online dating website offers an app for Android devices. Users of an iOS phone will have to use the mobile browser. Members with an Android device can enjoy all the features on the app which are provided on the desktop version. It can be downloaded for free from the app-store. Also, it is possible to do the registration via the phone as well.

Usually, we do not recommend using a phone for registration on a matchmaker. But, as this dating site has got the easiest registration we have seen, it is not a problem at all. Both the app and the mobile version offer a good overview. Even on a small screen, you can use the site without any problems. Plus, it is a great travel-partner.

The app for this dating website is great for people who move around. It is especially good on this site thanks to its international members´ pool. It can be a lot of fun.

The members´ structure advertises with many registered members. Here, you will find more than four million singles who are located all over the world. Normally, we would say that this global connection does not make any sense. Other dating sites want to connect people from the region you are in. Here, it is a bit different. People join this site especially, to find a match from a foreign country. Members 18.44.57

Over the past 15 years, this site has gained many more members. Now it has a huge pool of members, with people from six different continents. The operator also runs other dating websites which are linked to this main page. For example, is available for Muslim or Christian dating. Here, in Australia, the number of members is rising fast. Every day, the portal counts many thousands of new members.

This online dating matchmaker has a balanced gender ratio which offers good chances to meet people. Female users will not be spammed here. Plus, male users do not get bored. Official information about the number of members in Australia is not provided. The operator does not note the gender ratio anywhere. So, we did some research on the internet to find out more. On the web, we read about good chances for both genders and all sexual orientations on this site. Most of the users are between 25-54 years of age.

Here, people from Asia, the USA, Africa, Europe, and Australia are registered. As noted before, the users are looking for fun but not casual dates specifically. It is an open-minded community of people who are looking for a serious commitment. People chat on a high level as they have high expectations.

The search filter will find matches for you

You will have two different options to find your match. You can check the members´ pool by yourself. That is also a special thing on this matchmaker. On other matchmakers, the members´ pool is pre-filtered already. Based on the answers on your personality test, you will see only profiles that are potential matches for you. Here, on the members´ pool is not pre-filtered. So, you have the chance to find a match all by yourself.

As many users upload a profile picture and add many details to their profile, it is a lot of fun to check the members individually. But, if you do not want to fool around and want to find a match right now, you can use the accurate search filter. Search 18.45.30

The search filter offers many different categories to find your matches. For example, you can filter for age, region and look. Also, you can filter what you want to find. On you can find new friends or the love of your life. So, you can search for singles who want to meet a new person for a serious commitment.

Find your match and get in touch

The online dating website has an open-minded and very welcoming community. If you find a match that interests you, just send a personal message. That is not only the easiest and fastest way to make the first contact it is also the most promising. One great thing about the matchmaker is that you can contact other users even with a basic-membership. With a free membership you can write to other members who have purchased a paid membership. In the members´ pool you can also see who has got a premium-membership.

Besides the personal message, you can like a profile and send a heart. This way, you can make the first contact without any written word. If you get a like or a heart as a reply, you know that the other person likes you as well. Then you can start a chat and see what comes next.

As the dating website offers the chance to send unlimited messages, the risk of spam exists of course. If you get spammed by another user just block them by yourself or contact the customer support to do that.

The translator tool of

International dating is a common thing, especially on this special matchmaker. However, it might happen that you want to chat with another user of the site, but the communication turns out to be harder than expected. That is not a big issue here. offers a professional translator tool for its users. You can either purchase it at an extra cost or pay for a platinum-membership, then it is included in your subscription.

The costs on

The registration on is free for all genders. Costs will occur for a subscription for a paid membership. If you want to meet new people or the love of your life, we recommend you register here, anyway. The reason is that the free basic-membership comes with the chance to meet interesting people in no time. You can chat for free with other members who own a premium-membership. They can contact you or you them, so it works in both ways. That is why we recommend that you create a profile here on this dating site, even if you do not know what you are looking for. The chance to find something special by accident is good here. Also, the free basic-membership is unlimited until you request the termination of your profile by the customer support. Members 18.44.57 Costs 18.44.02

A free basic-membership makes it possible to send likes, use the basic-search filters, and communicate with users who hold a gold or platinum-membership.

The gold-membership allows all features of the basic-membership. Of course, with this kind of membership you will also receive some more features and functions.  It allows you to communicate with all members of the matchmaker. You can arrange a live chat with the instant messenger, send and receive unlimited messages from all other users. You can also see no more third-party ads and hide your profile to browse anonymously through the profiles.

A platinum-membership contains all features of the gold-membership. Additionally, you will get access to more. Thanks to a platinum-membership, you can rank your profile above others, double your profile space, and highlight your VIP-profile. You can also use the advanced matchmaking algorithm and the translation tool.

The rates for the gold-membership

1 month               34.99 AUD per Month    34.99 AUD in total
3 months             23.33 AUD per Month    69.99 AUD in total
12 months          11.67 AUD per Month    139.98 AUD in total

The rates for the platinum-membership

1 month               39.98 AUD per Month    39.98 AUD in total
3 months             26.66 AUD per Month    79.99 AUD in total
12 months          13.33 AUD per Month    159.99 AUD in total

The subscription for the premium-membership can be purchased for either one, three or 12 months. There is no membership for six months. Because of that, we recommend that you register for free and check out the members´ pool first and get to know the site. If you like it, you can make a purchase. Costs2 18.44.14

We must point out that it is important to keep the deadline for termination in your mind. Any paid membership will extend automatically, if it is not terminated in time. The deadline for cancellation is 14-days before your subscription ends. If you miss it, your paid membership will be renewed for the same period of time as you purchased before. So, three more months, if you had that before, or one year, if you chose a 12-months subscription. Contact the customer support to cancel your premium-membership or end the subscription in your profile settings.

In general, the customer support of the online dating portal is highly regarded. According to reviews from former customers, it is one of the best. The customer service is available via phone and e-mail 24 hours a day and seven days a week. If any problem appears or you have a question, just get in touch with the support team. They will get back to you in no time.

Our conclusion regarding

The online dating portal offers a lot of special features for its members. A particularly nice thing is that it that allows many things even with the free basic-membership. This site is highly regarded. It is a high-quality matchmaker which also offers great features of a high-level single dating site as well. So, it does not matter what you are looking for, you can find it right here, even without paying. After 15 years of experience, the operator of the website can advertise with a great service. Here, you will find many active members who are open-minded for adventures and serious commitments.

All in all, the experiences you might gain from this online dating website make it worth a try. This site includes more than four million members who are based all over the world. Here in Down Under, the chances of finding your match are quite high. Furthermore, it allows international dating on the highest level, thanks to its professional translation tool, which is just one of many great features of this website.