C-Date.com is our top site in the category: casual dating. This online dating portal makes things easy as pie and safe, so you can lay back and enjoy the benefits of the solid matching system. It is available all over the world and especially in Australia where this platform is becoming more and more famous.


  • About than 36 million members worldwide
  • More than 250,000 registered members in Australia
  • 25,000 new members every day
  • 48% men / 52% women – a very balanced gender ratio
  • More than 10,000 flirts per day
  • Excellent flirt success – 72% success rate
  • Absolutely safe, total anonymity and discretion
  • Completely free of charge for Women
  • Men register for free but must pay for the premium-membership

Find what you are looking for, everything is possible, and everything is completely casual. You like adventures and casual happenings with a tippy end but want to stay completely anonymous? Then C-Date might be the perfect place for you.

General details

For more than a decade it has been one of the worlds’ leading online dating platforms for casual dating. On the one hand the website has an extremely high customer satisfaction rating, and it can present good recommendations. On the other hand, C-Date has a great number of positive reviews that confirm its place as test winner in this category. C-Date is operated by the company Interdate S.A., which is based in Luxembourg. This casual dating platform has been online since the year 2008 and has grown ever since.

It is one of the best places on the internet for women and men to exchange sexual fantasies. But it is not just about meeting and talking. C-Date is well-known for its huge members’ pool which is filled with open-minded users who want to realise their fantasies and desires. Currently, this online casual dating website has more than 36 million members looking for hot encounters worldwide. Additionally, more than 25,000 new people join the fun every day.

People around the world love C-Date. More than 250,000 people are registered and active in Down Under. That makes it one of the most popular casual dating platforms, which guarantees good fun, pleasure, and adventure.

The registration on C-Date

The registration on C-Date is completely free of charge for everyone. All information about you will be provided by choosing images. You can either choose to meet singles, to have a secret affair, to flirt, to play erotic games, or to watch others during their love game, or to simply chat. If you can’t decide what you want, you can also pick all of them. During the next steps of the registration you must answer a few questions about yourself. You have to enter your location, your age and describe your look.

C-Date.com - Registration

If you want to join the fun you have to use your e-mail address and confirm your registration with it. That prevents fake profiles and increases the users’ satisfaction later. So, make sure you use an e-mail address that you have access to.

After you have confirmed your e-mail address you can visit the members’ pool of C-Date and provide more details about you and that what you are looking for. Even though you don’t have to upload an image of yourself it is recommended. The simple reason for that is, that you also would prefer to see a picture of a potential casual date before it really becomes a date. Plus, you can also upload more images of yourself into your profile.

Simple functions to keep everything private

All images which you upload on C-Date will have the possibility to either be shown to everyone on this portal or shared with certain users individually. C-Date takes its responsibility about data protection and privacy very seriously. All of your data will be safe so you can flirt and date as discretely as possible. That includes all images which you upload here as well. They are not visible to others providing you do not share them with someone.

The free registration takes about 10 minutes and after that you can upload your five profile pictures and enter more details about your personality and sexual fantasies. Then you can start to look for matches in the members’ pool.

Your profile and personal data on C-Date

The design of your profile is very easy and will take only a few minutes. But the more time and effort you spend on your profile, the more successful you will be later. The reason is that you will get more attention with a great profile and others will contact you. Most of the details in your profile on C-Date are provided by keywords. That makes it easy to enter all necessary details and it will not be long before you can make your first contact with other members.

C-Date.com - Profile

C-Date offers a wide range of keywords to describe you and your desires. You can always choose a few of them for a certain characteristic. For example, you will have to choose three characteristics that describe you best, and three things that you like the most about yourself, so that others can create an image of you.

Some of the keywords which describe your personality and attributes, are funny, passionate, sensual, sexy, and so on. Some keywords to describe attributes of which you are most proud are: my smile, my eyes, my lips and some more.

Simple profile setup

Those keywords will give other members a short introduction to your personality. The next step is to describe your sexual preferences. You will find the section for your sexual preferences in your profile details in the category “My erotic type”. Here you can define your sexual preferences very precisely.

Here you can choose out of 84 different preferences, which are represented by images. The erotic gallery is subdivided in five sections and you can choose five or fewer pictures that describe your sexual desires and fantasies the best. You can select the 84 different pictures and separate them into conventional, romantic, adventurous or wild. The pictures in the erotic gallery do not show explicit sexual acts but you will know exactly what a certain picture means. That makes the description not just easy but also a little bit exciting.

C-Date.com - Profile informations

Thanks to the erotic type pictures, you will know later if another member of C-Date likes the same things as you do. Every member will have to select their erotic type. With 84 images available you can be sure that the things you like the most are included.

The members’ pool of C-Date

The casual dating website C-Date can advertise with more than 36 million registered members worldwide. The top number of users are from Germany, Switzerland, and Brazil but the numbers in Australia are rising fast. Here in Down Under we have got more than 250,000 registered people at this moment.

More than 50,000 users are online per week and about 10,000 flirts are made every day. The average age of the members of the platform is between 30-45 years. But that does not mean that younger and older people could not find their right match here.

C-Date - Memberarea

According to the details provided by the operator, there are a great number of active users that are older than the average. About 10 percent of the female members and about 10 to 15 percent of the male users are 55+ years. Thanks to the generally high number of members on C-Date you will also have an excellent chance of find an erotic date of 60+ years.

A great gender-ratio for a casual dating site

The members’ pool of C-Date consists of 48% male and 52% female users. The gender-ratio is very balanced compared to other casual dating websites. Usually the male percentage is much higher. Most of the time, that is the reason why female users get spammed by male members. But this is not the case on C-Date.

The members’ pool of this website is filled with singles, people in a commitment, and even married couples who are looking for an adventure. From young to old, from a one-time only, or long-term affair, everything is possible here. Thanks to its mixed and open-minded community, everyone is welcoming and friendly.


Design and operation

The interface of C-Date is very easy to manage and the website has a perfect overview. Even people that try online dating for the first time will immediately know their way around. C-Date looks good and everything is clearly arranged. Even though C-Date is an erotic casual dating platform, it looks stylish and charming, and is kept at a high level of presentation.

The landing page shows the most important details about the website. It guarantees the best security plus an excellent customer satisfaction rating. We also read some positive reports from active customers that explain their experiences. These reviews confirm that here on C-Date you will meet people and find an exciting date quickly and easily. C-Date makes it very easy to get in touch with others.

Getting in touch with others – how it works

To get in touch with others you can simply write messages. That is the most common, and usually the most successful way to contact another member. Besides the contact suggestions, you will also see a lot of users that are currently online. Another interesting feature of C-Date is the section “What’s new”. Here you can see a list of members who are flirting right now.

That gives you the chance to check a member that is actively flirting. If your interests and sexual preferences of that person fit, you can try your luck as well, and start a chat. Another way to get in touch with another member is to share images from your profile. If the other members like your style and look she or he might also share an image with you. This is an exciting way to get started. This is how C-Date makes it possible to flirt without any written word.

Of course, you can also look for a good match in the members’ pool by yourself. C-Date gives you the opportunity for a detailed search. You can look for a certain sexual orientation or kind of relationship. Plus, you can search for a match with more detailed preferences like age, shape, and you can also look in a certain region.

The costs on C-Date

C-Date offers a free registration for everyone. The download of the app for Android and Apple devices is free as well. That gives you the chance to register and take a first look at the platform. If it is not be the right thing for you, you will have the choice to delete your profile. But if you want to get in touch with others and discover the full fun of C-Date, you will need a premium-membership, which is not for free, at least not for the male users.

C-Date - Costs

The membership on C-Date is 100 percent free for female users. Women who are looking for men. Male and female users who are looking for a date with women must pay. That is the reason why C-Date has quite a high percentage of female users. So, this is not just something good if you are a woman that is looking for some adventure. Men and gay women can at least register for free and see contact suggestions.

With a premium-membership on C-Date you can write and read unlimited messages. Additionally, you can see all the images of other members, and you can create a list of members you want to meet and date. Finally, the premium-membership makes it much easier to arrange a date.

The fees for the membership:

Costs for the premium-membership at C-Date are separated into different subscriptions. The longer the subscription runs, the cheaper the membership will be calculated per month. You can choose between 3, 6 or 12 months. The cheapest package is $29.90 calculated per month with a subscription for one year. Three months cost $59.90 per month and six months $39.90 per month.

Calculated all in all three months of premium-membership will cost $179.70; a half year will cost $239.40 and one year will cost $358.80. That might look like an expensive choice for a dating website, but it is worth every cent. If you don’t want to be a member of C-Date with a premium-membership anymore, you will have to cancel your subscription at least 14 days before the end of the contractually stipulated term. That will not delete your profile, you will only get a basic-membership again.

The mobile app

Of course, C-Date is not just accessible from your home laptop or computer. You have the possibility to chat, flirt and date whenever and wherever you want to. The C-Date app has a great overview and the exceptionally smooth operation works even on a small screen as well. You can download the dating app via the Google Play Store or the Apple Store for free. All functions of the C-Date desktop version are available in the app.

Security and privacy

The upload of pictures is recommended for success in online dating. As C-Date is a place where married people are looking for an adventure, data protection is the number one priority. Pictures can be shared with other users individually for individual members. So, you have total control about what you share and with whom.

Besides your images, all your personal data is safe as well. C-Date guarantees the full protection of your personal information and does everything to ensure absolute discretion. Each member has the possibility to act anonymously or to be an open book. Everything regarding your privacy can be specified in the profile settings.

Our conclusion to C-Date

The casual dating website C-Date has members worldwide and a lot of active members in Australia. Furthermore, the number of users is increasing fast. Its members’ pool is filled with open-minded people of all ages who are looking for an adventure. This portal can advertise with excellent reviews, thanks to its top level of privacy and discretion. So, if you are single or married, young or old, it makes no difference. If you are looking for a casual date, C-Date is the right choice for you.